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Argon oil Conditioner




zx42  Conditioner




This conditioner is like no other in th world. It locks in moisture for up to four days, it repairs split ends, it repairs damage done by blow dryers and best of all it makes hair grow around twice the speed as your normal growth pattern. ZX42 conditioner has myristates and many exotic oils from around the world. We will put this conditioner up against any conditioner in the world, our products are hand crafted they do not come from an assembly line assuring utmost care and devotion in every bottle. Try some today!!!!


Ingredients: sodium chloride, polsorbate 60, coconut oil, olive oil, olive fruit oil, soybean, water, lemon peel extract, apple extract, hydrolyzed collegen, lanolin, suger cane extract, cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, amodimethicone, fragrance, benzoic acid, yellow 5, potassium hydrochloride, trideth-6, glycerin, steareth 20, citric acid, apricot oil, argan oil, distearyldimodium chloride, methylparabe, horetail silica, isopropyl myristates, esters, saccarum officinarum extract, castor oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, linalool, dodecene, poloxamer 407, benzyl, alcohol, butylphenyl methylpropianal.

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