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#1 Head Gasket Sealer Bear's True Blue


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Regular Oil stop Leak and Seal re-freshener


Regular oil stop leak


Bear's True Blue Oil-Stop-Leak


Any moving equipment needs some way to be lubricated and oil is often the best choice. Lubrication is so important in machinery because it is often supporting extremely heavy loads while moving or rotating at very high speeds. In order to accomplish this, lubricants need to be used in order to lower friction to keep temperatures and wear down. Without any lubrication, most pieces of equipment would not be able to move for very long before overheating or grinding to a halt.


The engine in your vehicle is no different. Without the proper lubrication, the bearings and piston will quickly overheat causing certain components to melt, deform, and ultimately stop moving without the hope of ever starting again. The oil in the engine of your car is the key to keeping things cool and slippery so that the surfaces that are in contact with each other don’t create too much heat, don’t wear each other out, and in some cases don’t even touch. The oil in your engine is stored in the oil pan and pumped to where it needs to go by your oil pump. After it has been pumped through your engine lubricating the cams, valves, bearings and anything else, it drains back to the oil pan where it collects so the oil pump can send it back through the engine.


The difficult part of this process is keeping the oil where it needs to be, and that’s why oil leak sealant can be so important. Anywhere a shaft exits your engine, such as your crankshaft or camshaft, is a possible leak point. Also, any gasket in your engine where two components are joined together like the valve cover gasket or oil pan gasket is a possible leak point. Lastly any hose or attachment that carries oil has the possibility of leaking oil out during operation of your engine.


most stop leaks are bad for a few reasons. First, they make a mess. An oil leak can spread all over external components on your engine such as the hot exhaust where it can burn, or on electronic components that it will damage. Second, big enough oil leaks can change the pressures and the way oil flows in your engine which may lead to poor lubrication and other problems. Lastly, an oil leak will cause the level in your oil pan to slowly lower until your oil pump has no more oil to pump. This also can lead to poor lubrication and all the problems we listed above.


Many of the places oil will leak from in your engine are difficult to get to. That means replacement of the seals and gaskets can be a time consuming and expensive process leaving you stranded without a car and with a hefty repair bill. That is why stop leak products were invented. Imagine a simple formula you can pour into your engine that will stop your leaks! A product like that could save time and money and would be worth every penny! And so Bear's True Blue Oil-Stop-Leak was born!




The first engine oil stop leaks worked mainly by clogging up the hole where the oil was leaking from. Some of the first patented oil stop leaks were no more than castor oil and ground nut shells. The ground shells would mix with the oil and flow to the leak point where they would literally clog the hole to stop the leak. Stop leaks like this caused problems because the ground nut shells, or later sawdust, or aluminum shavings would clog other things, or create more wear in the motor. These types of stop leaks work in theory but, in the long run, do more harm than good. Some later oil leak sealant products would use chemicals like petroleum distillates that did not have particulates to clog the leak, but would instead swell the seal or gasket causing it to seal properly and stop the leak. The problem with these chemicals is that they do swell the gasket for a short time, but they also will cause all the seal or gasket to deteriorate quickly so you will soon have a worse leak than you started with.




The best kind of oil stop leak is one that does not have particulates to clog your engine or petroleum distillates to deteriorate the existing seals. Bear's True Blue Oil-Stop-Leak is the best oil stop leak on the market because it is specifically designed to absorb into all of the seals in your engine expanding and revitalizing them back to their original size, shape and flexibility, without later destroying them. We are so confident you will find Bear's True Blue Oil-Stop-Leak is the best oil leak sealant on the market!

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